Expert (Independent/ Body) to realize outreach with bodies to provide internship for Vocational Program Trainees

Submitted by Tanmia on Fri, 08/09/2019 - 13:36

The Expected Result (5) of the project is to provide the dropped out youth, students and people with special needs with skills and know how in order to have access to the labor market.

The vocational training program in the six-month extended period of the project will include the following topics:

  • Elderly/Senior Healthcare
  • Digital Marketing & Advertisement
  • Cellular phone Repair

For this purpose, the Municipality of Tripoli is seeking to contract a short-term local expert to identify bodies in the sectors mentioned above, which can and are ready to provide internship for the trainees in the specific vocational training areas.

The required tasks are to be coordinated with the project team and as follows:

  • Identify the specialized bodies, contact and visit them and identify the possibility of providing internship for the program trainees.
  • Elaborate a list of all bodies visited.
  • Elaborate a data base of the bodies ready to receive trainees, the focal point name and coordinates, the kind of internship, the duration of internship, name of correspondent trainee and any possible benefits
  • Provide the specialized bodies with the trainees' CVs and the material of the topics that they were enrolled in.
  • Elaborate reports of all the meetings held with bodies showing the attendees (names and coordinates), minutes of discussion, photos, outcome of the meeting, the trainees to be interned by the bodies and to what degree the requested outreach was realized.