Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli

Terms of Reference
R5_E Training on ICDL Program
Professional Local Expert (Independent/Body)

Project: Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli

I. Introduction
The Municipality of Tripoli received on the 15th of January 2016 a grant from the European Union (EU) to realize the project” Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli” over a period extending to 36 months.The overall objective of the project is to improve the institutionaland operational contribution to governance and development process in the Municipality of Tripoli.The Specific objectives of the project are to improve access in Bab El Tabbane, Jabal Mohsen and El Ghouraba to basic and adequate socialservices on a sustainable basis.All three communities will benefit from a positive impact on different levels especially on Health, Education, Job Creation and awareness levels. Five Expected results derive from the project.
II. The project
The project derives from four basic facts advanced by the Municipality of Tripoli:
1. The local authority and civil society are in need for capacity building,
2. Health is a fundamental human right and should be available to all people regardless of gender, social class, ethnicity and age,
3. Job opportunities are very limited due to the deficiency of educational skills,
4. Recreational activities allowing the cohesion of the dissimilar zones allow a better synergy.
Unemployment is the most dangerous problem in light of family extension and large number of youth not qualified vocationally and not educated which pushed them to potential risks such as extremism terrorism, etc. The high rate of unemployment in the project areas reaches 65% among the labor forces, exceeding 30% for men and 91.5% for women.

A main component of the project consists of equipping the existing educational centers and vocational centers with equipment and programs including International Computer Driving License (ICDL) Program. This is done through establishing an accredited functional IT literacy in addition to equipping needed laboratories.
The ICDL program enables the efficient use of IT skills that empower individuals, organizations and society through the development, promotion and delivery of quality certification programs. ICDL Lebanon through Vision Beyond S.A.R.L. accredits training and testing centers to equip the residents of the targeted areas with ICT skills and thus better compete in today’s fierce competitive job markets.
The certification will allow better employment opportunities, increased confidence through achievement of an internationally recognized ICT Certificate (ICDL), increased productivity, fostered creativity and innovation, and optimized return on investment in technology.
The ICDL program will be implemented in the following phases:
1. Lab Preparation by the municipality that meets the needed requirements.
2. Tripoli Municipality and ICDL Lebanon should agree on the contract submitted by ICDL Lebanon.
3. Pre-application filling on ICDL Lebanon’s management system (IAS) and accreditation, ATS, IAS and automated skills.
4. Selecting the suitable trainers and after passing ICDL exams, ICDL Lebanon will prepare the teachers so they can teach according to the methodology and curriculum set by them.
5. Getting the books for the seven modules.
6. The last phase consists of doing the online exam under the supervision of ICDL Lebanon Quality Assurance Officers, and later certificates will be granted to the successful Candidates.
The stakeholders, mainly Vocational and Technical General Directorate of Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the Ministry of Social Affairs (MOSA) as well as social-oriented CSOs working in the targeted areas, will be involved in the planning phase of the project and they will play an important role to ensure a proper sustainability of the whole provided services.
The project plans to finance the installation of new laboratories including the purchase of equipment and supplies, the teachers’ fees and the students’ exams fees and tool kits. The Municipality needs to establish the technical specifications for the required equipment and prepare a supply tender dossier (computers, provision of access to internet, necessary accessories and software requirements), launch the tender, evaluate offers and award the contract following the EU Grants Procedures as per the attached Annex IV of the present proposal.
Furthermore, the Municipality with the assistance of the education committee will prepare the terms of reference, call for services contract and evaluation process to recruit the educational staff of the centers.
The teachers will be recruited according to the criteria of the concerned ministries/authorities and will be paid by the project on hourly basis. To tackle the handicap which is facing the graduated students to access the labor market, represented by IT illiteracy, the proposed action, through ICDL will provide students and people in need with the tools, materials, methodology and certificates. ICDL Lebanon through Vision Beyond S.A.R.L, located in Beirut – Lebanon is the National Operator and the accreditation Arm for ECDL Foundation (a not for profit Organization) that is solely responsible for ICDL/ECDL Program and certificate across the Globe with more than 15 Million Certified candidates so far.

III. Tasks
The Expected Result (5) of the project (subject of the present TOR) is to provide dropped out youth and students with skills and know how in order to have access to the labor market and for this purpose the Municipality of Tripoli is seeking an expert/teacher to perform the following tasks:
• Receive the required training as trainer at ICDL Offices in Beirut (Vision Beyond S.A.R.L)
• Coordinate with the ICDL in Beirut about all training and testing program component
• Conduct the training program and train the participants according to the ICDL Lebnanon (Vision Beyond S.A.R.L) required methodology
• Elaborate a report on the different stages of the training program
• Elaborate a wrap up report for future capitalization that includes evaluation of the impact of the training program.
• Participate in the closing ceremony of the program.
• Coordinate when needed with the education committee and the different stakeholders, mainly Vocational and Technical General Directorate of Ministry of Education and MOSA as well as social oriented CSOs working in the targeted areas

IV. Start of the contract
• The contract duration is three months and will start on the day of its signature with the Municipality of Tripoli and after coordination with the project team.
• The number of teaching hours is 49 hours
• The maximum amount allocated to the contract is: 1470 Euros
The Applying expert/Teacher should be flexible in providing the courses, since the schedule of the teaching hours could be either in the morning or in the afternoon.

V. Evaluation of proposals and award of the contract
Proposals will be evaluated by the concerned committee. Methodology and CV will have a grade over 80 and the financial offer will have a grade over 20.

VI. Dependence
The professional local expert/teacher will report to the Project Coordinator and will coordinate his/her work with the Mayor, the steering committee and the Partnership Forum.

VII. Deliverables
The following deliverables are requested from the local expert/teacher:
• Report on the different stages of the training program including the closing ceremony
• A wrap up report for future capitalization that includes evaluation of the impact of the training program.
VIII. Education/Professional experience and skills
The candidate should have an academic formation in IT in addition to a minimum of 5 years of experience in teaching / training of IT.
In addition to Arabic language, fluency in English is a must
Past experience in realizing ICDL training and Fluency in French language are additional assets.
IX. Submission of proposals
Interested experts/teachers are invited to submit their proposals in two components, a technical part and a financial part. Each of the two components should be placed inside a separate sealed envelope showing on the outside the title of the component (Technical of Financial). The two envelopes containing the technical and financial parts should be placed inside one main envelope. The main envelope should be submitted sealed and should show on the outside just the project name as follows:
Project: Improvement of Development Process and Local Governance in the Municipality of Tripoli
Any other sentence, mark, sign or logo shown on the outside of the main envelope that may refer to the identity of the expert presenting the proposal will lead to discarding the proposal.
The technical proposal should contain:
-Name and Coordinates of the expert/teacher presenting the proposal.
- Copy of the registration of the expert/teacher at the Lebanese Ministry of Finance
- The Expert/teacher CV that highlights the expertise needed in the TORs;
- An elaborated methodology of work (maximum 5 pages) where the expert/teacher explains the approach s/he will undertake to implement the proposed tasks.
- A Gantt chart of the proposed schedule of activities
- In case the applicant is a CSO, a complete file showing that the CSO is working in the targeted area, together with a detailed proposal, report of its activities in the same field of activity proposed in the action and a financial report for the past three years should be attached also to the proposal.
The financial proposal should contain:
- A financial offer including the expert/teacher expected dues for the whole intervention in Euros.
All proposals should reach the Municipality of Tripoli, Tall Square, Tripoli-Lebanon not later than
12:00 noon of day 7/9/2018
All requests for clarifications, should be addressed in writing by e-mail to the following mail address:
Proposals sent by e-mail will be discarded.

X. Settlement of the expert dues
The expert/teacher's dues will be settled, after receipt and acceptance of his/her deliverables and against an invoice submitted to the Municipality of Tripoli at the end of his/her contract.